Where Ishita Kishore Took Coaching For UPSC | Ishita Kishore Marksheet 2022

Where Ishita Kishore Took Coaching For UPSC

Ishita Kishore has secured all India rank one in the prestigious UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2022. After UPSC has declared the result of UPSC CSE 2022, Ishita Kishore, the topper has become the internet sensation and everyone wants to know about her like Who is Ishita Kishore? How old is ishita kishore? Where was ishita kishore born? What is the family background of ishita kishore? Is ishita kishore father alive? Who are the parents of ishita kishore?

So to answer all the questions related to Ishita Kishore, we have made this post in detailed. You will get every single detail about UPSC topper this year from this blogpost.

Who Is Ishita Kishore?

Ishita Kishore UPSC Topper

Ishita Kishore is topper of Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in the year of 2022. This was Ishita Kishore’s third attempt and she has scored 1094 marks in UPSC CSE 2022 examination.

First two attempt was not good for her, as she was not able to clear prelims in both attempt. But her third attempt was like dream come true for her, as she has not only cleared the exam but also she got all India rank one, which is a dream rank for every UPSC aspirant in India.

In the UPSC CSE 2022 examination top 4 spot has been secured by female candidates. After Ishita, Garima Lohia has secured second spot with 1063 marks followed by Uma Harathi N and Smriti Mishra.

Ishita Kishore Age | How old is ishita kishore?

As of 2023, Ishita Kishore is 27 years old. She was born in the year of 1996 and she has cleared the UPSC CSE 2022 examination with all india rank one. Right now she is one of the most famous civil servant in India.

Ishita Kishore Marksheet 2022

You will get Ishita Kishore Marksheet 2022 from this post. I have mentioned Ishita Kishore Marksheet below this paragraph. You can see Ishita Kishore marks and also download Ishita Kishore marksheet from here. This marksheet of Ishita Kishore has been officially released by UPSC.

Where Ishita Kishore Took Coaching For UPSC

Ishita Kishore Marks

As you can see from the marksheet of Ishita Kishore, she has scored 1094 marks in the UPSC CSE 2022. Ishita’s marks in different subjects are mentioned below –

Subjects Marks
Essay (Paper -I)137
GS -I (Paper -II)121
GS -II (Paper -III)130
GS -III (Paper -IV)088
GS -IV (Paper -V)112
Optional -I (PSIR) (Paper -VI)147
Optional -II (PSIR)(Paper -VII)166
Written Total901
Personality Test193
Final Total 1094

As of now, you know that Ishita has scored 901 marks in written examination which is mains and 193 in personality test, which makes her total marks 1094 and this marks made her topper.

Where was ishita kishore born?

Ishita Kishore was born in Begumpet, Hydrabad in the year of 1996. Currently this place belongs to Telangana state. Her father was Wing Commander in the Indian Airforce and when Ishita was born, he was doing his duty at Begumpet, Hydrabad.

What Is The Family Background Of Ishita Kishore?

Ishita Kishore is the first person from her family to become a civil servant. Her father was an Air Force officer (Wing Commander) and her mother is a school teacher. She has a brother, who is a lawyer by profession. She has total three member in her family and right now they all are living in Greater Noida, a city of Uttar Pradesh.

Is Is ishita kishore father alive?

Ishita Kishore’s father name is Sanjay Kishore and he was Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force. He passed away in the year 2004. Talking about her father, Ishita told in an interview that her father always supported her.

Where Ishita Kishore took coaching for UPSC?

Ishita Kishore has never mentioned about any coaching institute she took coaching, in her interviews. She always says that this was the self study which helped her to achieve this success.

As you know that coaching institute provides lots of courses to UPSC aspirants like GS foundation course, Mains mentorship program, interview guidance program, pre and mains test series etc. So for mock interview, Ishita took lots of mock interviews from different coaching institutes. She said this in an interview with The Lallantop.

She has appeared in many mock interviews. Her interview was on 18th April 2023 and she said that she was taking a mock interview almost every 10 days from many other coaching institutes.

So if you will visit Old Rajendra Nagar or Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi, you will see that almost all UPSC coaching institute has Ishita Kishore on their poster. Most of them are that coaching institute from where Ishita Kiahore took the mock interview. Now i hope that you all doubts related to Where Ishita Kishore took coaching for UPSC? Where did Ishita Kishore took coaching? has been cleared after reading this article.

Ishita Kishore Interview Question

As Ishita Kishore is an active sports person. So in her interview the interviewer asked her, how she will use her sports knowledge in administration?

She answered this question in this way like in sports we learn team work and in civil services team work is also very important. So we can use our team work knowledge in civil services as well. And second thing is that in sports we learn to handle setbacks, our defeats and in administration sometimes we also face setbacks. So in this way we can use our sports knowledge.

Ishita Kishore Optional

PSIR (Political Science and International Relations) was the optional subject of Ishita Kishore for the UPSC CSE 2022. PSIR helped Ishita a lot to gain all India rank one as she has scored 313 in her optional subject.

Ishita Kishore Graduation

She has done her graduation in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce Delhi University in the year of 2017. After that she had worked in Ernst and Young company for two years and than she had started preparing for civil services.

Where Does Ishita Kishore Belong To?

Ishita Kishore’s parents were originally from Patna, Bihar. Her father was an Air force officer. She was born in Begumpet, Hydrabad But later on her family moved to Greater Noida and right now she is living in Greater Noida with her mother and brother.


Is Ishita Kishore Take Coaching For UPSC?

She haven’t mentioned about her coaching in any her interview. But she took lots of mock interviews from different institutes, which you can see on YouTube.

Which Caste Is Ishita Kishore In UPSC Topper 2023?

Ishita Kishore belongs to Kayastha caste, which comes under general category.

Is Ishita Kishore Iitian?

No, Ishita Kishore is not an Iitian. She has done her graduation in Economics from Shri Ram College Of Commerce, Delhi University.

How Many Hours Ishita Kishore Study?

In an interview, Ishita said that she usually studied 8 to 9 hours a day during her UPSC preparation days. Although she also mentioned that hours doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that how you manage you study effectively.

Conclusion Ishita Kishore

Getting all India rank one in UPSC Civil Services Examination is not easy work. It takes lots of hard work and dedication to achieve this success. But once you get this dream rank you become star like Ishita Kishore. That’s why now a days everyone wants to know about her. Hope this article has given you enough information about Ishita Kishore like Where Ishita Kishore take coaching for UPSC? Who is Ishita Kishore? And many other questions related to her.

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