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If you are a UPSC aspirant or are interested in UPSC CSE, then I am sure you have heard the name of Divya Tanwar. That’s why you are here to read about Divya Tanwar Age, Biography, 10th Percentage, Caste etc. Divya Tanwar is one of the most famous IPS officers in India. Because of Divya Tanwar’s inspirational struggle story, everyone is interested in her journey to become an IPS officer.

Coming from Mahendragarh, a small town in Haryana, cracking one of the toughest exams in the country, UPSC CSE, not once but twice is no small feat. Right now Divya Tanwar is an IPS officer and she is under training in SVPNPA (Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy). Divya Tanwar has been allotted Manipur cadre.

Divya is one of the youngest IPS officers in India. The most interesting fact about Divya Tanwar is that she cracked UPSC CSE 2021 without taking any coaching. In May 2022, when the UPSC CSE 2021 result was declared, Divya became one of the hot topics among UPSC aspirants.

Her story is very inspirational which gives motivation to lakhs of UPSC aspirants in the country.

That’s why we are writing this article to share with you some very very important details about Divya Tanwar like Divya Tanwar Biography (Wiki), Divya Tanwar Age and even Divya Tanwar 10th Percentage. So read the entire article without skipping any important portion.

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Divya Tanwar Biography (Wiki)

Full Name Divya Tanwar
Father’s NameLate Bhanwar Singh Tanwar
Mother’s NameBabita Tanwar
Service AllottedIPS
Divya Tanwar Age25
Divya Tanwar UPSC Rank438 (UPSC CSE 2021)
105 (UPSC CSE 2022)
Belongs ToNimbi, Mahendragarh (Haryana)
Examination MediumHindi Medium
Divya Tanwar IPS CadreManipur
Attempt1st Attempt in 2021 &
2nd Attempt in 2022

So now you know some of the basic details of Divya Tanwar from the table mentioned above. So now let’s learn more about Divya Tanwar in detail.

Divya Tanwar Biography, Age

Divya Tanwar Age

Divya Tanwar was born in the year 1997 in Mahendragarh district of Haryana. So as of now (2024), Divya Tanwar age is 27 years. She joined IPS at a very early age. So now Divya has lots of opportunities to serve the country. She will be working as an IPS officer in Manipur.

Divya Tanwar 10th Percentage

She has scored excellent marks in her 10th grade. Divya Tanwar scored above 60% marks in her 10th examination. She is a student of Hindi medium and did all her studies in Hindi medium including UPSC CSE.

Divya has been a very good student since her childhood and from her childhood, she always wanted to be an IAS officer. But now she is an IPS officer which is a very big deal.

What Is The Educational Qualification Of Divya Tanwar IPS?

Divya Tanwar studied till the 12th at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in her city. After this, she has done B.Sc in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from Mahendra Garh Post Graduate College (PG College).

After clearing her B.Sc. she started preparing for civil services and appeared for the first time in the UPSC CSE 2021. Divya has cleared UPSC CSE 2021 in her very first attempt with All India Rank 438.

When the result of UPSC CSE 2021 was declared in May 2023, Divya became a social media star. She was from Hindi medium and cracked her first civil services examination in her first attempt. Academically Divya was always a very bright student.

Divya Tanwar Rank

Divya Tanwar rank was 438 in UPSC CSE 2021 and for the second time in UPSC CSE 2022, Divya Tanwar rank was 105. Till now she has given the UPSC CSE exam twice. Divya Tanwar has cracked UPSC CSE with good ranks both times.

In UPSC CSE Divya got 438th rank and as she belongs to the EWS category, so she got IPS on her first attempt. Like many UPSC aspirants, she also wanted to be an IAS officer. So to improve her UPSC CSE rank, she gave the UPSC CSE a second time in the year 2022 and she got 105th rank.

Divya Tanwar Mother | Who Is The Mother Of IPS Divya Tanwar?

Divya Tanwar’s mother’s name is Babita Tanwar. Divya’s father Bhanwar Singh Tanwar passed away in the year 2011. After the death of her father, the entire responsibility of the house fell on the shoulders of Divya’s mother. Her mother worked as a labourer and educated her three children. Divya has a brother and a sister named Sahil and Tanisha.

Divya Tanwar Marksheet

Divya Tanwar Marksheet is another one of the most important topics among UPSC aspirants. Now everyone wants to know about the Marksheet of Divya Tanwar. Now let me tell you that Divya has scored 994 marks in the UPSC CSE 2022 which brought her AIR 105.

We have also shared Divya Tanwar Marksheet 2023 or you can say that this is the Divya Tanwar Marksheet UPSC 2022. You can also download the Divya Tanwar Marksheet and analyse it on your own. She has scored very good marks in all subjects as you can see in the marksheet.

Divya Tanwar Marksheet

Divya Tanwar Caste

Divya Tanwar belongs to the Rajput caste. In UPSC CSE Divya belongs to the EWS category. Her family is very poor. So apart from being Rajput, she comes under the EWS category because of her financial status.

Why Divya Tanwar Name Is Not In The List Of UPSC?

Right now Divya Tanwar is an IPS officer and she is under training at SVPNPA (Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy). In the UPSC CSE 2021 examination, Divya got IPS because of her 438th rank. But in UPSC CSE 2022, she got 105th rank but didn’t get IAS.

Lots of people have this question apart from being EWS category why Divya’s name is not on the UPSC list? So we are going to answer this question in this blog post.

Divya belongs to the Rajput caste and her financial condition was not good. So she took the UPSC CSE examination under the EWS category. After getting the 105th rank in UPSC CSE, she had to present her EWS certificate to the UPSC.

However, due to some reason, she was not able to submit her EWS certificate on time to the UPSC. So UPSC has cancelled her candidature. So Divya was not able to get IAS in the UPSC CSE 2022.

She appealed against this decision of UPSC in the Supreme Court. But SC considered UPSC’s decision as valid and Divya had to be satisfied with this decision. She was allotted IPS in the UPSC CSE 2021 examination. So now she has joined IPS and got Manipur cadre.

FAQ Divya Tanwar

Which subject is Divya Tanwar optional for IAS?

Hindi Literature was the optional subject for Divya Tanwar in UPSC CSE. Divya has scored 282 marks in her optional subject in UPSC.

Did Divya Tanwar take coaching?

No, Divya Tanwar cracked UPSC CSE mainly with the help of her self-study, which she did at her home. After clearing prelims of UPSC CSE she took some help from Drishti IAS coachin.

Why is Divya Tanwar famous?

Divya Tanwar is an IPS officer from Mahendragarh, Haryana. Her struggle story inspires lots of youth. She cleared UPSC CSE in her very first attempt at the age of 22. She cracked this prestigious exam with self-study only. So due to her hard work and achievement in UPSC CSE, Divya Tanwar is famous.

Is Divya Tanwar an IAS or IPS?

Divya Tanwar is an IPS officer from Manipur cadre. Currently, she is completing her training at SVPNPA, Hyderabad.

How many marks Divya Tanwar got in UPSC?

Divya Tanwar gave UPSC CSE two times. In her first attempt in UPSC CSE 2021, Divya got 930 marks and AIR 438. In her second attempt in UPSC CSE 2022, Divya Tanwar got 994 marks and AIR 105.

Has Divya Tanwar joined IPS?

Divya Tanwar has joined IPS and currently, she is under training. Divya Tanwar got the Manipur cadre.

What is the degree of Divya Tanwar?

Divya Tanwar has a B.Sc. degree from PG College, Mahendragarh (Haryana). She has Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects in B.Sc.

Final Words About Divya Tanwar Biography

So now you know lots of information about Divya Tanwar like Divya Tanwar Age, Biography, 10th Percentage, Caste, Divya Tanwar mother’s name and other details. Divya Tanwar’s success in UPSC CSE not once but twice is an inspiration for many UPSC aspirants. She has finally joined as an IPS officer. But there is a possibility that she will give the exam again for IAS in the coming time and will fulfil her dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Divya’s journey from a small village Nimbi in Haryana to an IPS officer is incredible. She achieved this success with her hard work, patience and dedication. She had many problems but despite all this, she is in this position today. Divya has over one lakh followers on Instagram.

Divya Tanwar’s mock interview video on YouTube is getting millions of views. Nowadays everyone is eager to know about her. I hope that you have gotten to know and learned something from my article Divya Tanwar Biography. Thank you very much for reading this article and visiting our blog oneupnaukri.

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