Dr Tanu Jain Husband, Biography, Salary, Age, UPSC Rank

Dr Tanu Jain is one of the most famous Civil Servants among UPSC aspirants. She is known for conducting mock interviews of new UPSC aspirants in Drishti IAS coaching. Although Dr. Tanu Jain has left her civil service job still she is famous as Dr. Tanu Jain IAS.

Lots of people think that she is an IAS officer but this is not correct. She has never been an IAS officer. Now she has decided to make her career in the UPSC CSE teaching field and has opened a coaching centre named Tathastu-ICS in Delhi. Earlier she used to teach in Drishti IAS coaching in Mukherji Nagar, Delhi.

Dr Tanu Jain is one of those famous civil servants whom everyone wants to know. People have lots of queries about Dr Tanu Jain like Tanu Jain IAS Husband, Tanu Jain IAS Rank, Dr Tanu Jain Age and even Dr Tanu Jain Salary.

So to answer all the questions related to Dr Tanu Jain, we have written this detailed article about Dr Tanu Jain IAS. You will get the correct answer about Tanu Jain like – is she an IAS officer or not and What is the rank of Dr Tanu Jain? So read the entire article and still you have any questions then you can ask us via the comment section below.

Dr Tanu Jain Biography (Wiki)

Dr Tanu Jain was born on 16 July 1986 in a Jain middle-class family in Sadar Bazaar, a crowded area of Delhi. She studied till 12th from Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri (Delhi). In an interview, she said that she had been an average student since childhood and was not very serious about her studies. Despite this, she scored 94% marks in the 12th board exam.

After passing 12th, she thought of going into the medical field. Dr Tanu Jain is a doctor who has obtained a BDS degree from Subharti Medical College, Meerut. During her studies, she did not know anything about UPSC CSE, nor was there any civil servant in her family.

After completing her graduation, when she was doing an internship, she came to know about UPSC CSE. She then knew that after passing this prestigious exam, any common student becomes a powerful officer. Tanu Jain was very impressed to see the respect that a civil servant gets in society.

Dr Tanu Jain UPSC Journey

Dr Tanu Jain Biography

When Tanu came to know about UPSC CSE during her internship, she did further research about it and got information about the examination process. After this, she went to the market with her mother Pooja Jain (Dr Tanu Jain Mother Name) and bought some books related to UPSC CSE.

After this, in the year 2012, Dr. Tanu Jain made her first attempt at UPSC CSE and despite studying for only two months, she cleared her first prelims. But she was not able to clear the mains of that year.

In 2013 she made her second attempt and in this attempt, she was able to clear the prelims and mains of UPSC CSE but she was not able to get her name on the final list of UPSC CSE. In 2014 she again appeared for UPSC CSE and this time she was able to clear all the stages of UPSC CSE.

Dr Tanu Jain Rank

Dr Tanu Jain got an All India Rank 648 in UPSC CSE. Dr Tanu Jain’s dream of becoming a civil servant has now been fulfilled. But she did not become an IAS officer. Now we are going to tell you whether Dr. Tanu Jain is an IAS officer or not. Now you are going to know in detail about the service of Dr. Tanu Jain.

Is Dr Tanu Jain an IAS Officer?

Dr Tanu Jain is not an IAS officer. She is an AFHQ (Armed Forces Head Quarter) civil service officer of the 2015 batch and before leaving her job, she was working as Assistant Director of DRDO.

Tanu Jain’s rank in UPSC CSE was 648th and that is why she got AFHQ service. Civil servants joining this service have administrative and managerial responsibilities in the Armed Forces Headquarters. Compared to other services like IAS or IPS, AFHQ does not provide many perks and facilities. This is a Group B service under the Government of India.

What Is The Optional Subject Of Dr Tanu Jain IAS?

Philosophy was the optional subject of Dr Tanu Jain in her UPSC CSE. She has scored very good marks in her optional subject due to which she was able to clear the exam.

She has studied Philosophy very well and now she is also teaching Philosophy optional in her coaching institute. Lots of UPSC aspirants like the way Tanu Jain mam teaches Philosophy optional of UPSC CSE.

Dr Tanu Jain Husband

Dr Tanu Jain Husband Photo

Dr. Tanu Jain’s husband’s name is Vatsalya Pandit, who is an IAS officer. Both of them met during UPSC CSE preparation and gradually they fell in love and later got married. Now this lovely couple has a 3-year-old son named Rajvardhan.

Dr. Tanu Jain said that her husband is very supportive and he helped Tanu a lot in cracking the interview for UPSC CSE. In her first interview, Tanu Jain got only 151 marks which is not considered a good score. But with the help of Vatsalya, she scored 200 marks in the next interview, which is considered a very good mark.

Tanu Jain Age

Tanu Jain was born on 16 July 1986 and accordingly, she is currently 37 years old. Tanu Jain is often called a beauty with brain and everyone is a fan of her way of teaching and taking interviews.

Tanu Jain DRDO

Tanu Jain was an AFHQ civil service officer who has now resigned from her post and is now working in the teaching field. When Tanu Jain was in the job, she was posted as Assistant Director in DRDO. This is a very important post in DRDO and before leaving the job, Tanu Mam performed her responsibilities in DRDO very well.

Dr Tanu Jain Salary

Tanu Jain was an AFHQ civil service officer. This is a very important job and the officer has to work very hard in it. Therefore, they get a salary according to the 7th pay commission. There is a basic pay of Rs 44,900. Tanu Jain worked here for about seven and a half years. According to this, Tanu Jain’s salary would have been around Rs 70 to 80 thousand every month. These officers get a maximum salary of Rs 1,42,400 which depends on their work experience.

Why Did Dr Tanu Jain Resign?

Answering this question, Tanu Jain said that she worked for the government for seven and a half years and she was very happy with her job. But along with this, she was also teaching UPSC aspirants.

She felt that when she was preparing for UPSC, she had to face a lot of problems and now that she has successfully passed the UPSC CSE, she can help a lot of UPSC aspirants as a teacher and hence to fulfil this dream she resigned her job.

What Is Tanu Jain Doing Now?

Tanu Jain runs a UPSC coaching named Tathastu-ICS in Old Rajendra Nagar, Delhi. After resigning from her job, she is now working full-time as a UPSC coach and helping UPSC aspirants to reach their dreams. Along with this, she is also seen as a panellist in the UPSC CSE mock interview of Drishti IAS Coaching from time to time.

Is Tanu Jain a BDS or MBBS?

Tanu Jain is a BDS. She has completed her studies at Subharti Medical College, Meerut.

What is the rank of Dr Tanu Jain in UPSC?

Tanu Jain got 648th All India Rank in UPSC CSE. She got AFHQ Civil Service for this rank.

How many attempts did Tanu Jain have?

Tanu Jain had given three attempts in UPSC CSE. On the first attempt, she qualified in prelims, in the second she qualified in prelims and mains. But on her third attempt, she was able to qualify for all the stages.

Is Dr Tanu Jain married?

Dr Tanu Jain is married to Vatsalya Pandit, who is also an IAS officer. They both met during UPSC preparation and fell in love. Now this couple has a 3-year-old son.

Is Tanu Jain on Instagram?

Dr Tanu Jain is very famous on Instagram and her Instagram user ID is @dr.tanujain. She has over 180k followers on Instagram.

Conclusion Dr Tanu Jain

So in this article we have covered everything about Dr Tanu Jain Whether it would be Dr Tanu Jain Husband Name, Dr Tanu Jain Biography, Dr Tanu Jain Age and lot more. She is one of the most famous officers in India right now. Her way of teaching is so amazing that every UPSC aspirants want to be taught by her.

Tanu Jain has achieved a lot of fame at a very young age. Now she has started her new career as a teacher and is getting success in this field also. With her guidance every year many children are becoming successful in UPSC CSE.

Dr Tanu Jain is also very active on social media like Instagram and keeps sharing photos and videos for her followers from time to time. Many of her shorts and reels go viral on social media every day. It was because of social media that people started knowing her and she became so famous that today everyone wants to know about her.

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