IAS Akshat Jain Wife, Age, Marksheet, Education, Current Posting In 2024

IAS Akshat Jain is one of those few civil servants in India who cracked the prestigious UPSC CSE at a very early age. Akshat Jain became an IAS officer at the age of 23. This is an age in which many youngsters do not even know what to do in their life and at this age, Akshat Jain became an IAS officer which is a huge achievement. Very few people are able to get this success.

IAS Akshat Jain is a very famous IAS officer in India. In fact, he is a star on social media. His videos on social media get millions of views in hours. People want to know every single detail about Akshat Jain IAS like Akshat Jain Wife, Akshat Jain IAS 10th Percentage, Akshat Jain Age etc. His preparation strategy was amazing that’s why he was able to crack the Union Public Service Commission Civil Service Examination at a young age.

After becoming an IAS officer Akshat Jain’s working style is also very famous. In his short career, people liked his way of working. He is known for solving problems by connecting directly with the public. In his career so far, he has done an amazing duty for public welfare.

In this article, we have written about Askshat Jain in detail. You will get lots of information about Askhat Jain. It’s like IAS Akshat Jain Biography in detail. So without wasting any time let get started.

IAS Akshat Jain Biography (Wikipedia)

Full NameAkshat Jain
Father’s NameDC Jain (IPS)
Mother’s NameSimmi Jain (IRS)
Wife’s NameNikita Jain
Home TownJaipur, Rajasthan
CadreMadhya Pradesh
IAS Batch2019
Age28 Years
UPSC Rank2nd
UPSC CSE Passing Year2018
UPSC CSE Roll Number1104407

Before joining IAS he also worked at Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore. You will know about his educational qualifications as well in this post in detail.

IAS Akshat Jain Wife

IAS Akshat Jain Wife

IAS Akshat Jain’s wife name is Nikita Jain who is an entrpreneur. Both of them got married in November 2022. Their marriage took place in a royal style in Jaipur and now they are living happily. Both of them are very very successful in their respective fields.

IAS Akshat Jain Parents

IAS Akshat Jain’s father’s name is DC Jain and his mother’s name is Simmi Jain. Both of them are very senior civil servants. Akshat Jain’s father Mr DC Jain is a senior IPS officer who is currently posted as a Joint directory in CBI in Delhi. His mother Simmi Jain is a senior IRS officer who is currently posted as ADG of the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (NACIN) in Jaipur.

Where Is IAS Akshat Jain Currently Posted?

Akshat Jain is a Madhya Pradesh cadre IAS officer and he is currently posted as CEO of Zila Panchayat Office, Betul (MP). Earlier he was posted as SDO (Revenue), Rajnagar, Chhatarpur from where he has been transferred to CEO Zila Panchayat Office, Betul. He is doing an amazing work there.

Akshat Jain IAS Age

Akshat Jain was born in the year 1996, so as of now his age is 28 years. Although he has very little work experience. But despite this, he is a very intelligent officer. His way of working at this age is highly appreciated.

At What Age Did Akshat Jain Become IAS?

Akshat Jain became an IAS officer at the age of only 23. In fact, he is considered one of the youngest IAS officers in India.

IAS Akshat Jain Educational Qualifications

Akshat Jain’s early education was from India International School, Jaipur. After this, he qualified for IIT JEE, which is considered one of the toughest exams in India and took admission in IIT Guwahati for graduation. He completed his graduation in design between the years 2013 to 2017. After completing his graduation, he completely devoted himself to the civil services examination.

IAS Akshat Jain UPSC Journey

Since his third year of college, Akshat Jain had made up his mind to join civil services. He completed his graduation in the year 2017 and soon after that, he gave his first attempt for the Civil Services Examination in the same year. Due to a lack of preparation, he did not even clear UPSC CSE Prelims this year.

This disappointed him a lot. After this, he took learning from his mistakes and prepared hard for the Civil Services Examination. Due to his hard work, he was able to clear the UPSC CSE 2018 with All India Rank 2 and he fulfilled his dream to become an IAS officer. He got the Madhya Pradesh cadre.

The biggest thing is that Akshat had not joined any coaching class to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. He cracked this exam by self-studying from home. He had already cracked exams like IIT JEE which helped him in cracking UPSC CSE.

Akshat Jain Marksheet

Akshat Jain scored very good marks in the UPSC CSE 2018 and it is considered one of the good scores of the UPSC CSE history. He got 882 marks in mains (written) and 198 marks in the personality test which is also known as an interview. In total IAS Akshat Jain got 1080 marks in the UPSC CSE 2018 and this mark gave him All India Rank two in the UPSC CSE 2018. Here is the mark sheet of IAS Akshat Jain.

IAS Akshat Jain Mark Sheet

IAS Akshat Jain 10th & 12th Percentage

Akshat Jain was very bright in studies from his childhood. He had got very good marks in his 10th and 12th standards, however, there is no information available in the public domain as to what percentage Akshat Jain got in 10th and 12th. However, as per his academic history, it can be estimated that he would have scored more than 90 percentage marks in 10th and 12th.

IAS Akshat Jain Optional Subject

Anthropology was the optional subject of IAS Akshat Jain in the UPSC CSE 2018. He scored very good marks in both papers of his optional subject Anthropology.

As per Akshat Jain’s mark sheet mentioned above, you can see that he scored 171 marks in the first paper and 164 marks in the second paper of his optional subject. In total, he scored 335 marks in his optional subject Anthropology, which is a very very good score in optional subject.

He said that the main reason behind choosing Anthropology as an optional subject was the short syllabus of Anthro. Also, this is one of those subjects whose knowledge can be implemented in real life as well.

IAS Akshat Jain Contact Number

There is no personal contact number of Akshat Jain available on the internet. But if you want to contact Akshat Jain IAS then you can contact his office. As you know that currently Akshat Jain is posted as CEO of Zila Panchayat Office, Betul (MP). So if you want to contact the office of Akshat Jain then you can contact 07141230035 phone number and ceozpbet@mp.gov.in is the official email ID of his office.

Akshat Jain Answer Sheet

Akshat Jain had joined the All India Test Series of Vision IAS and here he had written many answers before giving his final mains exam. You can view and download the answer sheet of Akshat Jain by clicking on this link.

He has very good knowledge of answer writing and was one of the few UPSC aspirants who could say big things with the help of very few words, which every UPSC aspirant who wants to do good answer writing should know. Due to the quality of answer writing of Akshat Jain, he performed very well in his mains (written).

Akshat Jain IAS Instagram

Akshat Jain IAS

Akshat Jain is not on Instagram officially. But there are many fan pages in his name on Instagram. If you search Akshat Jain IAS Instagram on Google, the first result will be Instagram’s @ias_akshat_jain_official user ID, which is one of his many Instagram fan pages. This is not his official Instagram ID.

Akshat Jain is not on any social media at present. The short videos or posts you see on social media have been made by his fans. So if you were currently searching Does Akshat Jain has Instagram account then we hope you have got the answer.

IAS Akshat Jain Wife Instagram

IAS Akshat Jain’s wife’s name is Nikita Jain and she is also not on Instagram officially. There are Instagram pages with the name of Nikita Jain but that is not IAS Akshat Jain’s wife Nitikia Jain’s Instagram ID. She is an entrepreneur by profession. People have a lot of curiosity about this couple and want to know Why Akshat Jain is not on social media. However, they don’t like to share information about their personal life on social media.

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FAQ IAS Akshat Jain

Is Akshat Jain an IAS officer?

Akshat Jain is an IAS officer of the 2019 batch of the Madhya Pradesh cadre. He is originally from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Is IAS Akshat Jain Married?

Akshat Jain is married to Nikita Jain. Their marriage took place in Jaipur in November 2022. His wife is an entrepreneur by profession.

How many attempts did Akshat Jain have for IAS?

Akshat Jain cracked UPSC CSE 2018 in his second attempt. He got All India Rank two in that examination.

When Did Akshat Jain Started Preparing?

Akshat Jain started preparing for the UPSC CSE in the third year of his college and appeared for the first time for the UPSC CSE in 2017.

What Is Akshat Jain Posted As?

Akshat Jain is posted as CEO of Zila Panchayat Office, Betul (MP). Before this post, he was SDO (Revenue), Rajnagar, Chhatarpur.

How Many Hours Did Akshat Jain Study?

For UPSC CSE preparation, Akshat Jain used to self-study for 8 to 10 hours every day. He did not take any coaching for this examination. He passed this exam simply by self-study.

What Are The Hobbies Of Akshat Jain?

In one of his mock interviews, Akshat Jain said that his hobbies are fitness, swimming and football.

Conclusion Akshat Jain IAS

So we hope you have got a lot of important information related to Akshat Jain IAS from this article. Akshat Jain passed the UPSC Civil Services Examination at a very young age and his popularity is very high. As an IAS officer, he is fulfilling his responsibilities very well. Akshat Jain’s wife is also very successful in her career. Both his parents are very senior civil servants, which helped him a lot in cracking the Civil Services Examination.

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