Inspirational Journey Of IPS Sachin Atulkar From Cricketer To IPS [Biography]

Most people know IPS Saching Atulkar as one of the most handsome and fit IPS officers in India but few of them know that he was also a national-level cricketer in 1999. From being a national-level cricketer to crack the prestigious UPSC CSE in 2006 and becoming an IPS officer is like a dream career for lakhs of youth in India.

IPS Sachin Atulkar is also known as a Handsome Police Officer due to his amazing physique. On Instagram, he has over one million followers and he shares lots of photos and videos for his fans from time to time. He has more than 350 posts on Instagram.

So now you know the popularity of IPS Sachin Atulkar among people. That is why everyone wants to know about Sachin Atulkar IPS like IPS Sachin Atulkar wife, Sachin Atulkar age and many more information like this.

So today in this blog post we will cover IPS Sachin Atulkar Biography in detail and will share every single detail about Sachin Atulkar which is available in the public domain.

So let’s get started without wasting any time.

IPS Sachin Atulkar Biography (Wikipedia)

Sachin Atulkar was born on 8 August 1984 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. His father is an Indian Forest Service officer and his mother is a housewife. Sachin’s elder brother is also an officer in the Indian Army. He has spent many years of his life in Bhopal. Sachin was good in his studies since childhood and he always stood first in class.

Very few people know that Sachin Atulkar had a lot of interest in sports, especially in Cricket. He was a national-level cricketer in the year 1999. He was good in his studies and if he had not been an IPS officer today, he would have been playing cricket for India.

IPS Sachin Atulkar Age

Sachin was born on 8 August 1984. So as of now in 2024 he is 39 years old and very fit and active. He spends hours in the gym and for mental and physical fitness he also does Yoga daily.

Sachin Atulkar Wife

Sachin Atulkar is 39 years old and is not married yet. He does not share much about his family on social media. But it is true that he has not married yet. Due to his popularity, people keep searching for Sachin Atulkar’s Wife on Google every day.

Sachin is quite famous among girls. This incident happened in the year 2018 when a 27-year-old girl from the Hoshiarpur district of Punjab came to Sachin’s house to meet him. She was not ready to leave without meeting him. But later the police called the girl’s parents and sent her home.

This is the reason why Sachin Atulkar has closed the comment section on his photos and videos on his Instagram account.

Sachin Atulkar IPS Educational Background

IPS Sachin Atulkar

Sachin’s initial education was from Vidya Bharti Mandir, Bhopal. He scored more than 85 per cent marks in his 10th and 12th. After this, he obtained his graduation degree in B.Com from Barkatulla University, Bhopal. At the time when Sachin passed the UPSC CSE, people who had graduated from B.Com rarely used to come to this service. Most of the people were from either science or art backgrounds.

IPS Sachin Atulkar UPSC Journey

Sachin Atulkar had passed the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission in the year 2006. He got All India Rank 258 in this examination and due to this, he got Indian Police Service. He is an IPS officer of the year 2007 batch.

Sachin achieved this success in his very first attempt. When he passed this examination in the year 2006, he was only 23 years old and was counted among the youngest IPS officers in the country. Indeed, becoming an IPS at the age of 23 is a great achievement.

Sachin Atulkar, who is very active in sports and fitness, completed his IPS training in the year 2007-08. Here he won the gold medal in horse riding. Along with cricket, he is also very good at horse riding.

Sachin Atulkar Height And Weight

IPS Sachin Atulkar’s height is 183 CM and in feet, his height is 6 feet. His weight is 80 Kg. Talking about his body measurement, His chest is 43 inches, waist 32 inches and bicep is 17 inches. He is very conscious about his fitness. He keeps sharing photos and videos of his gym on Instagram from time to time.

Sachin Atulkar Current Posting

Sachin Atulkar is currently posted as Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the Chhindwara Range of Madhya Pradesh. He was posted on this post in April last year. Before this, he was posted as Assistant Commissioner of Police, Bhopal. Sachin gained more fame while being the Superintendent of Police (SP) of Ujjain. He has spent important days of his career as SP of Ujjain.

Sachin Atulkar Contact Number

The personal contact number of Sachin Atulkar is not available in the public domain. However, if anyone wants to contact Sachin Atulkar, then they can contact Sachin Atulkar’s office which is DIG Office Chhindwara. Here I am sharing the contact number and email ID of Sachin Atulkar

  • Phone – 07162-242333
  • Email –
  • Address – Beside Police Ground, Seoni Road, Chhindwara

You can contact IPS Sachin Atulkar on this phone number and email ID if you need any help from him.

Sachin Atulkar Instagram

Sachin Atulkar is very very famous on Instagram and he has over one million followers on this social media platform. He is very active on Instagram. One fact is that he has turned off the comment section on his photos and videos to avoid negative comments. His Instagram user ID is – @sachinatulkar_ips

He is also very active on micro-blogging site X (Formerly Twitter). He has over Eleven thousand followers on X. Where he shares his personal views and opinions. His X handle ID is – @SachinAtulkar_

Facts About Sachin Atulkar IPS

  • Sachin Atulkar cracked UPSC CSE 2006 and he was the youngest IPS officer of his batch (2007 IPS Batch).
  • Sachin was a national-level cricket player.
  • To maintain his physical fitness he follows a strict diet plan and spends more than 2 hours in the gym.
  • He has received offers from Bigg Boss many times but he doesn’t want to participate in the Big Boss.
  • He has received numerous awards in his police career for his brilliant work.
  • Wherever he is posted, people there like him a lot. He is known for taking quick action.

IPS Sachin Atulkar Photo

Sachin Atulkar shares lots of his gym photos on Instagram from time to time. People like and share his photos and videos so much. Here I am also sharing some photos of IPS Sachin Atulkar

IPS Sachin Atulkar Photo
Sachin Atulkar

Sachin Atulkar Net Worth

Sachin Atulkar is an IPS officer and he gets a very good amount of salary every month as per the 7th pay commission from the government. Apart from this he also gets lots of perks and benefits from the government like a vehicle, a big house, personal bodyguards, cook, gardner etc. It can be estimated that his net worth is more than 1 crore rupees.

FAQ IPS Sachin Atulkar

What is the current posting of Sachin Atulkar?

Sachin Atulkar’s current posting is the DIG of the Chhindwara range in Madhya Pradesh. He is on this post from last year.

How to contact Sachin Atulkar?

If you want to contact Sachin Atulkar then you can contact his office which is DIG Chhindwara, office. We have shared the contact number of his office in this blog post.

How did Sachin Atulkar become IPS officer?

Sachin Atulkar became an IPS officer due to his hard work. He is a 2007 batch IPS officer of the Madhya Pradesh cadre.

Why IPS Sachin Atulkar is so famous?

Sachin Atulkar is famous for his amazing physique. He is a very strict police officer who takes action against criminals very quickly. So people love him and he has lakhs of followers and he is so famous.

Why Sachin Atulkar is not married?

Sachin Atulkar is 39 years old and he is not married. The reason he is not married is not known. As this is anyone’s personal decision when he or she wants to marry.

What was the rank of IPS Sachin Atulkar?

Sachin Atulkar cracked UPSC CSE 2006 and his All India Rank was 258. He was the youngest IPS officer of his batch.

Conclusion IPS Sachin Atulkar

Sachin Atulkar Photo

We have shared every single detail about IPS Sachin Atulkar which is available in the public domain. He is a very very famous IPS officer from Madhya Pradesh. Currently, the DIG of the Chhindwara range of Madhya Pradesh, Sachin Atulkar IPS working style is also very famous.

He is one of those few police officers in India who is famous for his amazing body. He spends more than 2 hrs in the gym daily. He also follows a very strict diet plan. His passion towards fitness is amazing and very inspirational for youth.

Hope you have got some information about IPS Sachin Atulkar. If you still have any questions about him then you can ask us via the comment section below.

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