Priyanka Goel, AIR 369 UPSC CSE – 2022 Biography, Age, Husband, Current Posting

Priyanka Goel is one of the most famous civil servants from the 2023 batch. She cleared the UPSC CSE 2022 with All India Rank 369 in her sixth attempt. She is considered one of the most beautiful and stylish officers in India. She regularly posts her photos and videos on the social media platform Instagram.

However, most people think that Priyanka Goel is an IAS officer. But before moving ahead let me tell you that Priyanka Goel is not an IAS officer. She got another service as per her rank in the UPSC CSE 2022. We will talk about this later in this blog post.

Due to her popularity on social media people generally search for her like Priyanka Goel IAS, Priyanka Goel Husband, Priyanka Goel Biography etc. So to answer all the questions related to Priyanka Goel, we have written this detailed blog post. This blog post will give you the answer to whether Is Priyanka Goel an IAS officer or not.

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Priyanka Goel Biography

Full NamePriyanka Goel
UPSC CSE Rank369
Date Of BirthNot Known Yet
Belongs ToDelhi
UPSC Attempt6th Attempt

Priyanka Goel Education Qualification

Priyanka Goel was a very brilliant student from her children. She belongs to Delhi. So she did her entire education in Delhi. Priyanka has completed her schooling at Maharaja Agrasen Model School, Pitampura. She was the topper from her class.

After completing her schooling, she decided to complete her graduation from Delhi University. Priyanka Goel has completed her graduation in Bachelor of Commerce from Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Delhi University. After this, she started preparing for civil services full-time.

Priyanka Goel 12th Percentage

As you know, Priyanka was a very bright student from her childhood. She scored 93% marks in her 12th standard. She has also scored more than 90% marks in her 10 standard. Her academic performance is amazing.

Priyanka Goel UPSC Journey

Priyanka Goel has cleared the UPSC CSE in her sixth attempt. This was her final attempt as she belongs to the general category. Her UPSC journey was very hard. As she failed five times in a row. She started UPSC preparation in the year 2016.

As per her interview, in her first attempt, she has limited knowledge about UPSC CSE. Although she appeared for the examination. But was not able to clear the prelims.

In her second attempt, she worked hard and improved her knowledge. But unfortunately, she was not able to cross the cut-off marks. She was just 0.7 marks behind the cut-off.

Her Third attempt was good and she cleared the prelims. However, she was not able to clear the mains because she mostly focused on prelims.

In the fourth attempt, she was not able to clear the CSAT paper. So this time also she was not able to clear the prelims. This was her fourth failure in a row. Which is very very hard to believe for any aspirant.

During her 5th attempt, her mother was ill and her studies were affected due to this. This is why this time also she was not able to clear the prelims.

But her 6th attempt was a do-or-die situation for her. She worked very hard and gave her 100% to clear the CSE and this time she got the result with AIR 369. Indeed her six years long journey was very challenging. But in the end, she got result, and her hard work paid off.

Priyanak Goel IAS Or IPS

Priyanka Goyal is neither an IAS nor an IPS officer. She is a DANICS (Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Island Civil Services) officer. She is from the 61st batch of DANICS officers.

DANICS civil servants are responsible for administrative works in the Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This service is below IAS and IPS. Generally, the candidate having a lower rank in the UPSC CSE gets this service.

Priyanka Goel Age Wikipedia

Priyanka Goel Age Wikipedia

As of 2024, Priyanka Goel is 28 years old. She was born in the year 1995. She started UPSC preparation in the year 2016 after completing her graduation. Becoming a civil servant at the age of 28 years is a great achievement.

Priyanka Goel Marksheet

As you can see from the mark sheet of Priyanka Goel below she got 965 marks in total in the UPSC CSE. She has scored more than 100 marks in her two general studies papers. Although her Essay paper score was not very good but its over 100 marks. In the interview, she got 193 marks which is considered as one of the good scores in the interview of the UPSC CSE.

Priyanka Goel Marksheet

Priyanka Goel Optional Subject

Political Science and International Relations or PSIR was the optional subject of Priyanka Goel in the UPSC CSE. She scored 292 marks in the optional subject. This was the highest mark in the optional subject PSIR for the UPSC CSE 2022.

Optional subject plays a very very important role in the UPSC CSE. As you can see Priyanka has scored 292 marks in her optional subject paper. This is why she got 369 rank in the CSE 2022. Although her other paper’s score is normal, her optional subject played a very crucial role in her selection.

Priyanka Goel Husband

Priyanka Goel has cleared the UPSC CSE 2022 and she is not married yet. There is no information available about Priyanka Goel’s boyfriend in the public domain. She has focused a lot on her preparation. So she has no time to have a boyfriend on their UPSC journey. Now she is completing her training. So there is also no information about her marriage and husband.

Priyanka Goel Current Posting

Priyanka Goel is a DANICS officer. She has passed the civil services examination in the year 2023. So as of now, she is under training for two years. So right now she has not got any posting from the government. After completing her training she will be seen working as a civil servant in Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Island region.

Priyanka Goel Instagram

Priyanka Goel is very active on Instagram where she regularly posts her photos and videos. Her Instagram user ID is @priyanka_goell. She has over one lakh seventy-five thousand followers on Instagram. She also follows more than five hundred people on Instagram. She has made 142 posts on Instagram.

Priyanka Goel Height

Priyanka Goel is a very fit officer. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches. In metres, her height is 1.70 metres (170 CM). Talking about her weight then her weight is approx 60 kg. She takes care of her fitness very well.

FAQ About Priyanka Goel

Which post is Priyanka Goel?

Priyanka Goel is a DANICS officer. She is from the 61st batch of DANICS officers.

Why Priyanka Goel Is Not An IAS Officer?

Priyanka Goel’s rank in the UPSC CSE 2022 was 369 and she belongs to the general category. So on this rank, she was not able to get IAS. So she became a DANICS officer.

Why Priyanka Goel Is So Famous?

Priyanka Goel is a very beautiful and stylish officer. She shares her photos and videos on Instagram. People love her photos. That is why she is so famous.


Priyanka Goel’s UPSC journey is very inspirational for many UPSC aspirants in the country. She cleared the UPSC in her last attempt. In her preparation days, she faced many difficulties. But she never gave up and now she is a very successful civil servant in India.

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